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Southeast Valley Baseball Association

Thank you to all who registered for the 2014 season. Our online portal has closed, but we will still be accepting in-person registration Saturday (March 15) at Alta High School during player evaluations. If you want to register after March 15, email info@sevalley.com for instructions. All registration will close April 1.

Our website doesn't much like Google Chrome. A new website is coming shortly, but until then, here is some information that will help you: Tryouts are March 15 at Alta High. Check in 30 minutes before start time. Ages 7-8 and 11-12 are at 9 a.m.; ages 13-14 are at 11:30 a.m.; ages 9-10 are at 2 p.m. For other key dates see the Calendar.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When are games played? Typically, games are scheduled weeknights at or around 5:30 p.m. Game days vary -- team could play Monday and Thursday one week, then Tuesday and Friday the next. Most divisions do not schedule games on Wednesday, and use that day to make up rained out games.

When does the season start? Games begin Monday, April 7, though no games will be scheduled April 14-18 because of Spring Break. For dates of tryouts, sign-ups, etc, see the Calendar.


Welcome to Southeast Valley Baseball!

A lot has changed since last we saw you. We have several new board members, a new president, and, coming soon will be a new website. But those are just a few of the changes you’ll see as move forward in our 15th season as an organization.

We want to build a baseball community – one that looks forward to Opening Day in April as much as we do Christmas morning. To that end, we have several activities planned throughout the season. Among them: Our first Derby Day on May 10 at Draper Park, which will include a breakfast and a series of competitions for the players, highlighted by a Home Run Derby; SVBA Night at the May 13 Utah-BYU baseball game at Spring Mobile Park; and every player will have a chance to participate in MLB’s Pitch, Hit and Run competition.

We also plan to recognize one player a week in each division for their outstanding performances on and/or off the field.

SVBA understands you have several options when it comes to your children’s activities in the spring. After a long winter holed up indoors, we believe playing baseball -- on well-manicured and maintained fields -- is the best way to welcome the changing of the seasons.

I want to personally thank you for choosing SVBA as your home for the next few months. We welcome the many new players who have registered this season. We hope the enthusiasm the board members and I share permeates throughout the league and helps us build a baseball community in the south valley.

I know many of you from my four previous seasons in the league and look forward to meeting many more of you this season and in the future. Please feel free to contact me with comments, questions, or concerns as soon as they arise, and please come up and say hello to me and the other board members out at the park this season.

Thank you, and let’s play ball!

Jon Clifford


Equipment Clarification
Players 12 years and under

»Play by the official Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth league rules.

»Must use bats with 2 1/4-inch barrels.

»May wear rubber cleats. (No metal spikes)

Players 13 years and over

»Play by the official Pony league rules.

»May use bats with barrels up to 2 5/8 inches in diameter.

»May wear metal spikes.

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High School Baseball
Player Registration
We welcome all youth living in Sandy or Draper, Utah wanting to play in the Southeast Valley Baseball League.

Our leagues are safe, fun and instructional! If your child has never played before or if your child is a “seasoned vet”, playing baseball with SVBA has a lot to offer.

Coach Registration
SVBA is looking for managers and coaches. Please fill out the online Volunteer Application if you would like to manage or be an assistant coach. If you can’t help on the field, there are many ways you can help “off the field”. SVBA program depends on the goodwill and support of people like you.

Coaches, Asst. Coaches, Volunteer applications can be found at the bottom of the Sign-up/Registration page.

Umpire Registration

If you are 14 or older and are interested in umpiring for Southeast Valley Baseball, please click to register below.

Online Umpire Registration

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Why Should My Child Play Baseball?


Good question. Isn’t baseball an old and outdated game, that doesn’t really fit in with the kids of the 21st century? Some would think so by the amount of kids that participate in other activities.


Nevertheless, baseball is grander and far more subtle than meets the eye. Baseball is part of the heart and soul of America. It has been played on a professional level since the 1870’s. Baseball has a classic, enduring quality about it that no other sport can match.  

Yet, baseball can be a difficult game to play well. In fact, there are many reasons why baseball has lost much popularity with youth in the last 30 years—perhaps the greatest reason has to do with the level of skill required to play. This may go a long way in explaining soccer’s popularity. Without shooting too many arrows at soccer—it is a simple game that is extraordinarily easy to play. Put a ball on the ground and let kids run around and kick it. Fun at first. But it’s not a deep game.


Baseball, on the other hand, requires much more skill and discipline in order to play well. Hence, kids and parents have been reluctant to invest the time and energy to learn the skills to throw, catch, field and hit a baseball. Further, quality instruction has been lacking to help kids acquire the skills they need to really enjoy the game. As a long-time student of baseball, I have the following observation: the better you play, the more you enjoy the game. There is great satisfaction in doing something that is difficult—and doing it well. Therein lies the great pleasure that baseball can deliver.


Fortunately, our league, and quality leagues like are investing much time and money in providing quality training in the form of clinics, camps, and teams. Over the past few years, our league has made a large effort to ensure that the SVBA managers and coaches have received training in baseball instruction. We also have provided, and continue to provide clinics for children and their parents. In a short period, we have seen great results. The kids in the program are having a wonderful time and look forward to each season.


The purpose of our league is to provide a safe place where your children can enjoy being part of a team, learn and improve their physical skills, learn life lessons that victory and defeat can provide, and revel in the occasional attention that comes with being the hero with that great play or timely hit.


The SVBA program has many volunteers that are passionate about creating a great environment for your kids to thrive and grow. Contact them, and they will be sure to share their enthusiasm with you! 

Neil Bonner
Neil Bonner is a director for the Herndon Optimists Youth Baseball League, in Herndon, Virginia. This essay is used with his permission. 

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